How workplace parking charges could help inner-city drivers Car News

She added: “No business has left Nottingham because of the WPL and many have invested here in the knowledge that they may have to pay for it. There was early resistance from some in the business community to the idea of ​​WPL, but we achieved 100% compliance from day one, and WPL is very efficient to leverage.

Clarke from Leicester, meanwhile, said the intention was to create a “tram-like bus network” in the city using money generated from a scheme while reducing journey times for other users of cars.

“What we offer is that every car trip and every home-to-work trip takes place as if it were during school holidays. I think it’s really attractive for a driver, but it’s really hard to push it through,” he said.

He added that a WPL is a better approach than a clean air zone because the former targets a specific problem, rather than using a hammer to crack a nut.

“A workplace parking tax deals with peak hour congestion and only peak hour congestion, and that’s where the damage to the economy lies; that’s where you get the worst effects of pollution,” he said. “To deal with rush hour congestion, that’s the best option.”

Meanwhile, Glasgow Councilor Anna Richardson, the city’s head of sustainability and lower carbon emissions, told Autocar that the Scottish city is “currently exploring the potential for a workplace licensing scheme “.

She added: “A workplace program could help rebalance our transport system so that travel is easier, more affordable and fairer for the almost 50% of Glasgow households without access to a private car. As part of the fight against climate change, a workplace parking licensing system could raise substantial funds for the sustainable transport projects needed to address the carbon impact of the way we commute in Glasgow.

Others, however, remain unconvinced that a WPL would help reduce congestion in cities.

Paul Hollick, president of the Association of Fleet Professionals, told Autocar that his members are in favor of WPLs, but only if they are implemented sensibly.

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