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“We are always the hardest hit!” Residents fume as postcode lottery drives up energy bills | United Kingdom | News UK News

All consumer bills include an ongoing fee, which is a fixed daily payment covering supply costs and other levies. Ongoing fees could increase by more than £71 a year on average in April.

Customers in South Scotland, Merseyside, North Wales and South West England will see their daily payments double from April.

Those in London and the east of England will see increases of less than 60%.

Liverpudlian Jeehan Saleh and Hesham Hussain ‘were not shocked’ when they found that permanent charges for their home in Garston would increase to double those in other areas.

Jeehan said, “We are always the hardest hit.

“There are people in the poorer areas where we work who have to choose between food bills and energy bills.

“Fortunately, we are not in this situation, but it is not too far from home. You already feel it in so many areas, this is just another success.”

Regulator Ofgem caps charges for consumers on default standard tariffs in England, Wales and Scotland, although the cap varies by region due to the different costs of supplying electricity to homes in rural areas or more distant. Ofgem assured consumers that the additional costs for failed energy companies are spread equally across the country.

Nearly 30 companies have gone bankrupt in recent months due to soaring wholesale gas prices.

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