What Maserati’s all-electric future will look like Car News

“We didn’t want to design a car for Instagram, we didn’t want to design a car that screams ‘look at me’ and was too aggressive in its appearance. We wanted to design a car that, to a certain extent, adds a visual value – if you see a Maserati, it adds beauty to the environment It is a rolling sculpture, and sculpture for us, especially in Italy, is about proportions and shapes, not decorative, two-dimensional elements, creases or unnecessary air intakes or – heaven forbid – fake exhaust pipes.

“There is a certain authenticity in the design, but above all a purity.”

The rear lights are inspired by the Maserati 3200GT – does looking at historic models excite you?

“The answer is actually no. Of course we’re looking back – the other day someone asked me what I think are the 50 most iconic cars of all time, and it was a really nice exercise to spontaneously run through what I think to be the most iconic cars – not just Maserati but globally. I actually came up with 60…

“It’s not so much about retro design. I talk about purity a lot, but at the same time you have to see that it’s a Maserati. Look at the cars on the road and pretend you don’t know not the markings – if you can If you can’t see the badge or logo, how many elements does the car need to show you what it is? five, six, seven, 10 or 15 small elements to convey the brand message, and then there are cars – I’ll give you a good example: Jeep’s seven-slot grille – where you don’t need it only one.

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