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Football Saturday’s Jeff Stelling was gobsmacked at the football field proposal UK News

Jeff Stelling was left in shock on Football Saturday this week when footage emerged of a proposition taking place in the stands of a football match.

During the same week, it was confirmed that Jeff would stay on the popular Sky show. He reacted in disbelief when news reached him of a fan asking the question at Elland Road as Leeds United took on Southampton.

After Soccer Saturday returned from a commercial break at the start of the second half, Sky prop Jeff told viewers at home: “We’ll be catching up on the goals in a bit. Something much more important to tell you about what happened at Elland Road at Halftime.

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“Who said the age of romance was dead? That’s what happened at Elland Road.

The camera then picked up footage from the famous Leeds ground, where a picture of a couple appeared on the big screen, along with the words “Will you marry me?” As the camera then cut to the couple in question, Jeff remarked, “Here they are! He did it on a football field and no doubt the whole crowd was chanting, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing,’ because that’s what they do if you ask someone to get married on a football field!”

In conclusion, Jeff added, “Look, it was a romantic moment and he’s on his knees. And the guy in front was completely disinterested, wasn’t he?”

Earlier this week, Sky Sports were delighted to announce that Jeff had decided to stay, with the popular presenter and loyal Hartlepool United supporter saying: “As the end of the season approached, and I prepared to say goodbye, I realized I wasn’t ready to blow the final whistle and quit the best job in the world.”