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‘She treats people like puppets’ – Newcastle woman in jail with Baby P’s mum lifts lid on her prison behavior UK News

Furious inmates had to contain their anger as Baby Pray’s mother laughed, joked and led them through a prison reading group.

But a former prisoner who served time with Tracey Connelly in a North East prison said no one could ever get close enough to harm him.

In one of the UK’s most shocking child cruelty cases, Connelly’s son Peter, known as Baby P, died in agony after sustaining 50 horrific injuries at his home in North London.

But now his mother, who has been given an indefinite sentence for causing or permitting the death of the 17-month-old, is preparing to be released.

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There was a national outcry last week when the Parole Board cleared Connelly’s release, meaning one of Britain’s most hated women could be back on the streets within a few days. weeks.

Now it has emerged that Connelly has reportedly asked for extra protection in prison, fearing inmates will try to attack her before she is released.

Julie McAllister who spent time in jail with Baby P’s mother

But today a Newcastle woman, who spent time with Connelly at HMP Low Newton in Durham City, denied Connelly’s claims, saying it was just a bid to secure a new identity after his release.

Julie McAllister recounted that despite being disgusted by Connelly’s crime and prison-like behavior, no other inmate could ever get close enough to attack her.

And the 44-year-old revealed how she struggled to control her own rage when she saw Connelly laughing and joking during a reading group session in prison.

Julie, from Kenton, said: “It’s absolutely bad that people are trying to attack her. No one would stand a chance. She’s a very manipulative woman. There’s no way anyone could reach her. She’s very manipulative, and that’s what she does now.”

Baby P
Baby P

It was reported that Connelly had feared for his safety after his parole hearing generated new publicity around his evil crime.

A source said: “Tracey Connelly is paranoid that she will be attacked following the decision of the Parole Board.

“The publicity around his parole has caused a resurgence of anger towards him in prison. She became a scarred woman again after years of keeping her head down. Tracey believes she is going to be stabbed and is almost afraid to venture out of her cell.

But Julie, who has served multiple sentences at HMP Low Newton, says Connelly and other women convicted of serious crimes against children are kept apart in a different circle from other inmates.

And she says it’s a constant source of anger that the baddest prisoners live in the best conditions.

“You never even see them,” she said. “She’s in the F-Wing, they’re self-contained apartments. They’re all guilty of murder or child abuse. One of them left her baby to die.

“People talk about them, but no one can approach them. They have the best conditions, but they have committed the worst crimes. They have their own apartments with showers and mats. If you kill children, you laugh, it seems.”

Julie, who once punched serial child killer Rose West in the prison dining hall, was released from her final sentence at Low Newton just two weeks ago.

During a previous stint in prison, she once came face to face with Connelly when they both joined the prison reading group.

And she describes how she and other inmates watched angrily as Connelly’s control laughed, joked and shouted orders at others.

“She’s an evil woman. I’m a mum myself and to think of what she did is horrible,” Julie said. “I saw how she manipulates people. I signed up for a book group and she decided to come. She’s fat with thick hair, she’s very very loud and very manipulative.

“She would dictate to the other prisoners. She would just look at a book and say ‘give me that book’. She treated people like puppets.

“She was laughing out loud and I just thought, ‘How could you do something like that to a baby and laugh?’

HMP and YOI Low Newton Prison in Brasside, County Durham.
HMP and YOI Low Newton Prison in Brasside, County Durham.

“If I had ever hurt a baby, I wouldn’t be able to laugh for the rest of my life. Seeing her laugh drove me crazy. I had to stop myself from jumping over the table.”

“But you have to be nice to her in prison because you don’t want to lose your privileges.”

Baby P’s death and the missed opportunities to prevent it horrified the nation.

Despite 60 visits, social workers never attempted to remove Peter from his mother’s care.

Connelly was convicted of causing or enabling Peter’s death in 2009 and was sentenced to an indefinite prison term with a minimum of five years.

She was released in 2013, but called back to prison in 2015 after violating the terms of her license by selling nude photos of herself.

Connelly’s parole hearing – his fourth since his recall to prison – took place on…

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