New £150m contract for motorway services in central beds goes to tender Bedford News

Ringway Jacobs will no longer provide motorway services in central Bedfordshire after next April as the local authority intends to start a new contract with an alternative company.

Central Bedfordshire Council’s search for a replacement has already begun, with a minimum contract of seven years likely to be agreed.

The board will issue a call for tenders in May with a view to identifying a preferred bidder in the fall.

Central Bed Council

“This will ensure that there is sufficient time for a new supplier to mobilize in conjunction with CBC and be ready to begin delivery on April 1, 2023,” according to a statement from the board.

“CBC wants a company that will respond quickly to requests, perform high-level repairs and ensure the road network is well maintained and safe for road users in all conditions,” he said.

“The successful partner would provide up to £150m of motorway maintenance works in central Bedfordshire with a clear focus on quality, sustainability and responsiveness.”

As the road authority, CBC is responsible for the maintenance of the highway and other associated assets, including roadways, sidewalks and rights of way, as well as drainage, street lighting, bridges and other road structures.

Traffic management and emergency works, such as flooding and removal of fallen trees, as well as winter sanding and clearing of ravines, are also part of his responsibilities.

Reporting on the future motorways contract, the Tory adviser from Arlesey told the CBC executive: ‘We have agreed to end the motorways contract with our supplier Ringway Jacobs as it comes to the end of his seven-year term in April 2023.

“We also decided to engage with the market to test the best value for future delivery options for our various highway workflows,” he explained.

“Council officers have worked with specialist motorway consultants to engage with suppliers and make recommendations on the delivery model that will provide the best value for CBC in the future.

“The process would look at a number of options, including splitting the contract into multiple parcels, such as lighting and resurfacing.

“After talking to the market, a single point of contact would be the most financially advantageous for the local authority.

“Over 30 potential suppliers attended a market engagement event, which was followed by one-to-one interviews, so there is considerable interest in providing the contract for Central Bedfordshire.

“By awarding this contract, we are fortunate to support CBC’s strategic plan with the achievement of the 2050 vision alongside our sustainability plan and economic strategy.

“The report includes the delivery schedule for the bidding process,” added Councilor Dalgarno, Executive Member of Community Services.

“In the medium-term financial plan, we have provided additional staff to ensure the delivery not only of the current agreement, but also the new contract throughout the procurement process.”

He promised that issues raised by CBC’s Sustainable Communities Oversight and Review Committee would be considered during the process.

These included the return of highway design services in-house, a lower financial threshold to implement smaller projects outside of the contract and that the new agreement should specify that contractors use the most modern and innovative solutions to deliver better value to CBC.

The executive unanimously agreed to approve procurement for a new highways contract starting April 1, 2023.

SOURCE: Central Bedfordshire Council Executive Committee meeting (April 5).

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