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Nadiya Hussain from The Great British Bake Off teams up with Next for an exclusive collection UK News

The author and TV presenter, 37, has launched a new range of scarves and turbans in collaboration with the fashion retailer.

The beloved media personality also selected her favorite women’s fashion pieces from Next in her own spring selection.

Here’s what the Star Baker had to say about launching her own collection and how you can own it yourself.

Nadiya Hussain models the new collection of scarves. Credit: next

Nadiya Hussain of Bake Off launches a collection of scarves with Next

Explaining why she chose to collaborate with Next on the collection, Nadiya said, “As someone who wore scarves from my teenage years, finding scarves on the high street was always a struggle. Of course, I could go in my area, where buying scarves was never a problem, but it became two separate trips that had to be counted.

“Being able to go to a store and buy everything you need is a total luxury. Shoes, clothes, underwear, coat and scarves is a big deal. I’ve always loved shopping at Next because I can get everything I need in one place, and now even my scarves. It’s going to free a lot of people out there, I know that.

The TV chef chose neutral tones instead of bright colors for the color palette or his range.

Times Series: Nadiya Hussain's Spring Edit.  Credit: nextNadiya Hussain’s spring montage. Credit: Next

Explaining her choice, she commented, “I love wearing bright scarves, but I love neutral tones that complement all of our skin tones, so I’ve chosen colors that will complement all outfits and skin tones. . Neutral tones are great because they become an extension of what you wear.

The collection features a variety of prints and patterns, with the TV presenter involved at every stage of the design process.

Nadiya added, “I’ve been there to create and be part of the design process every step of the way, from color to fabric to sizing so we can achieve a scarf that’s tough, beautiful, complementary, and versatile.”

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The popular baker wanted her collection to reflect the many ways a scarf can be styled, with Nadiya’s own scarf choice often decided by her mood.

The 37-year-old said: “I choose my headscarf for the day based on what I’m doing. If it’s a busy day, I pack up and go. If it’s a colder day, I like to take my time and wear something flowy. It can also depend on where I’m going, my mood and what I’m wearing. My scarf is an extension of me, just like hair, but not hair.

Follow Next’s social media channels to see Nadiya demonstrate how to style a headscarf in 4 different and amazing ways.

“I wanted to show you four ways I like to wear scarves, but there are so many different ways to wear them. The more you experiment, the better you tie the scarf and you feel more confident. I also like to wear scarves. scarf as a neck scarf, because it is soft, comfortable and not stuffy like some scarves can be.

You can purchase Nadiya’s Spring Edition with Next through the Next website.

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