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BBC’s Nick Robinson grills activist in fiery transgender line ‘I ask the questions!’ | United Kingdom | News UK News

Canadian competitive cyclist and transgender rights activist Dr Veronica Ivy discussed the banning of transgender cyclist Emily Bridges from competing last week on the BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme. Mr Robinson asked: “Dr Ivy, there are people who argue that testosterone levels are not enough, that people born with male bodies, people who go through puberty then have a permanent strength advantage. way some people say it is like, you can’t undo male puberty, it’s like boiling an egg. You can take it out of the water, you can’t unboil the egg. Do you accept that?

Dr Ivy said: “People have said it, but the scientific evidence doesn’t support it.”

The BBC host quipped: “Why don’t we just abolish women’s sport if that’s the case? Everyone should participate in the same sport.”

She added: “I think your answer to the question of whether or not we should include trans women in women’s sport is to abolish women’s sport is a bit like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”

Mr Robinson hit back: “No, that was my response to your suggestion that there is no permanent benefit for people born male who go through puberty.

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“If there is no permanent advantage, why do we have separate sport categories? »

The activist went on to say, “It’s a completely separate issue. It’s a completely separate issue from women’s sport.”

Mr Robinson noted: “I ask the questions and you give the answers if you don’t mind. There are a lot of people who think it’s related to this problem. We have separate categories for men and women. women and we do it because they have different bodies.”

Dr Ivy hit back: “No, those are the fallacious assumptions that trans women are men and men and both are wrong.

“UK law states that those who go through certain stages are legally and medically considered female, so when you claim ‘male bodies’, that’s cisgender people. We’re talking about trans women.

“We’re not talking about whether we should have a men’s and women’s competition.”

Mr Robinson added: “What we are talking about is fairness. Cycling’s international governing body, the UCI, says it is its duty to ensure fair and meaningful competition.

“There are clearly two meanings of fairness about fairness of law and fairness about people who have trained their whole lives to face unfair competition from someone who has a ‘male body’ .


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It comes as Boris Johnson has said transgender women should not compete in women’s sporting events.

Mr Johnson was speaking as the country looked set to scrap plans to hold a flagship conference designed to promote LGBT+ rights around the world.

Charities and organizations are boycotting the event following a dispute over conversion therapy for transgender people.

Mr Johnson told reporters: “I don’t think biological men should compete in women’s sporting events. It might be a controversial thing to say, but it just makes sense to me.”

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