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Filming Vera Changes Fans Need To Know If They Want A Sneak Peek Of The Action UK News

An ITV camera crew is due to travel to Darlington this week to film scenes for series 12 of hit crime show Vera – but fans will have to postpone their plans if they want to catch a glimpse of the cast.

Darlington City Hall is the latest Northeast backdrop to make an appearance in the popular crime drama. And fans are already feeling the buzz as they hope to catch a glimpse of filming and prepare to hit the town this Tuesday.

However, there has been a chance for the calendar that will see anyone hoping to get off having to set their alarm a few hours early. The production team should now be at City Hall at 8 a.m. instead of 1:30 p.m. as previously stated.

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A spokeswoman for Darlington Council said: “The production team will now be filming from 8am on Tuesday and not 1.30pm. We ask that anyone who comes to take a look behind the scenes or catch a glimpse of Vera from respect the filming process and be patient.

“The crew will be filming on the forecourt in front of City Hall as well as inside the civic reception.”

Darlington Locators for Darlington Live.  Darlington Town Hall and Council Offices
Darlington Town Hall, where filming for Vera will take place on Tuesday

Viewers are still waiting to find out what happens in the rest of Series 11 as two episodes are yet to air. But Vera bosses are wasting no time launching the next series of the much-loved drama, based on the books written by Ann Cleeves.

The ITV crew have already been spotted at locations across Northumberland, including Morpeth and Amble, as they film for the show’s 12th series. Oscar nominee and BAFTA winner Brenda Blethyn has worn the iconic bucket hat for over a decade now and the show has introduced some of the most scenic locations in the North East at that time to viewers around the world.

The production team is scheduled to shoot in Darlington from 8am on Tuesday, April 12.

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