Residents of Bristol Estate, Brighton angry with hospital staff Brighton News

NEIGHBORS complained of piles of cigarette butts and face masks on the streets and a ‘cacophony’ of noise from hospital workers and builders.

They called on hospital bosses to take action to address the issues at a public meeting last week.

People living in the Bristol area of ​​Brighton said Royal Sussex County Hospital workers were taking sitting breaks on the steps leading from Bristol Gate to Chadborn Close and leaving face masks and dog butts on the floor.

Louisa Newbury, who represented the estate at a Hospital Liaison Group meeting, held in Eastern Road, said she had to rescue a seagull caught in a face mask that had not been put in a bin.

She said: ‘If there were lower seats, people would sit there rather than on the steps.

“As soon as they block the steps half the time, you can’t use them, especially since people don’t want to come across others that are closing.”

Labor Councilor Nancy Platts, who represents East Brighton on Brighton and Hove City Council, suggested placing a few bench tables to free up the steps and give staff somewhere to sit.

There were large general rubbish bins and recycling bins nearby, Cllr Platts said, adding that the litter left on the grass and ground was “disgusting”.

Walpole Road resident Rob Donaldson said there was no escape from the noise generated by vehicles and a street sweeper.

Mr Donaldson asked for a break from using the street sweeper at weekends as it was under the control of the hospital.

He said the slamming of a broken inspection hatch every five minutes and the noise of the street sweeper early in the morning seven days a week was “torture”.

Mr Donaldson said: “Saturday and Sunday we have the sweeper. There was a bottle in the gutter. Did he pick it up? No. The machine has no eyes.

“Outside the entrance, it’s just covered in cigarette butts. There was a guy over there sweeping.

“That’s the sound of it. Before, it started at 6:20 a.m. I had to make more complaints. And it even happens at Christmas.

The Argus: Labor councilor Nancy Platts has heard the concerns of people living in the areaLabor Councilor Nancy Platts heard the concerns of people living in the area

An art installation at the Whitehawk Hill Road end of the hospital grounds by the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital is also making noise, the meeting was told.

And children can enter the hospital grounds and hit sound objects in the sensory garden without being a patient or a visitor.

Cllr Platts, who chaired the meeting, said: ‘It’s really bad. There is no pause in the cacophony of noise that is going on. There has to be a time when there is a break for the residents.

She shared Mr Donaldson’s frustration at the lack of response to his complaints and asked hospital bosses to give residents a timetable for when the hospital team would fix it.

Director of Estates and Facilities at Sussex University Hospitals David McLaughlin said inspection cover would be replaced within the next two months.

Mr McLaughlin also said he would look into waste collection as the hospital trust had employed someone to do so.

The sweeper truck stopped working at 6:20 a.m., he said, but he would consider limiting its use on weekends.

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