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OPINION: ‘Sheffield feels safe but there are more reasons than ever for women to be scared on a night out’ UK News

After the conviction of Sarah Everard’s murderer, the death of schoolteacher Sabina Nessa, the revelation of catcalling issues and the investigation into drink doping, there is more reason than ever for women to be afraid when they are in the evening.

As a student in Sheffield, safety is higher than ever on the priority list, but keeping yourself safe can sometimes be difficult and it’s easy to become complacent.

In Sheffield I would say I feel safer than in my home town and safer than during my undergraduate studies in Huddersfield.

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West Street, Sheffield is often used as a thoroughfare on a night out

This could be because Sheffield is much more student-oriented and much more built-up, with the city center being busy seven days a week.

Even when I walk home from work I feel much safer than in the surrounding towns I’ve lived in before, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything alarming happening in Sheffield.

A general party in Sheffield usually goes like this:

After getting ready and going to town, it is usually planned to have a drink in a pub such as Spoons. However, it’s largely intimidating as a young student in a pub full of older men as things are shouted at you that were completely unwarranted.

A walk along West Street to the clubs and nightlife hub can be scary when walking alone with a large homeless community on the streets.

Although the clubs are safe and secure, you always have to keep in mind to watch your drinks and always be aware of your surroundings.

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The number of friends and people I know who have experienced alcohol spikes is frightening and enough to discourage anyone from going out at night.

I think the scariest thing as a student is the literal price it costs for security.

Bottled drinks are always more expensive than more open drinks such as spirits and mixers, the cost of changing room is expensive which means most of the time you go home with less clothes, which makes you a bigger target.

Taxi prices are my biggest concern in Sheffield, that and the inability to get an Uber. That means most of the time I come home alone at night because I can’t afford the taxi fare or an Uber driver just won’t accept.

Surely there must be some way for the government or local councils to organize a cheaper and more efficient way to get home.

I finished work at 12.30 once from The Moor and an Uber was trying to charge me £11 to do just one mile.

I think that’s why students worry so much about their safety. With a student budget we don’t have huge sums to work with and the cost of security is often not a priority for most people.

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