Review: Graeme Hall – The Dogfather Live on Stage at Leeds City Varieties Yorkshire News

Graeme Hall brought his Dogfather Live on Stage show to Leeds.

His first live show takes things a step further, with the 55-year-old Yorkshire-born star lending his sympathy and insights on what makes a successful canine-human partnership hit theaters across the country.

If the first half of a 90-minute show lacks a bit of luster, with Hall at one stage losing his place in the script, it should be remembered that it’s only his third “concert” and tonight’s near-sold-out house is forgiving. . , he quickly warmed to his references to Yorkshire Tea, his Selby roots and a couple of nice digs at Red Rose County’s expense.

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The fact that he also hands out custards to audience members who correctly answered the questions, in the style of the pantomimes he remembers seeing as a child in this very spot, seems like an added bonus.

Hall discusses anthropomorphism and Thorndike’s Law of Effect, explaining how it has influenced his own ‘Three and a Half Golden Rules’ of dog training, which posit that any behavior that feels rewarding will increase, any behavior that feels uncomfortable will decrease , some behaviors that are ignored will fade, and more importantly, practice doesn’t always make perfect.

He illustrates each with clips from his television series, helping dog owners win over their unruly pets by keeping a calm demeanor and being consistent.

He also reveals that he was once an award-winning amateur ballroom dancer, with pictures to prove it.

The second half of the show flows more naturally, with the appearance of Bex, from the PDSA in Bradford, and her rescue dog Bear, an adorable Staffordshire bull terrier who barks nervously at strangers, followed by questions from the audience about what Hall does the best he can. respond with good humor and a good dose of pragmatism.

Whether it’s a German shepherd who barks on car rides, a cockapoo who’s aggressive towards puppies, or a Labrador who loves to chew on shoes, there’s plenty of helpful advice.

All in all, it’s a fun night. The producers of Strictly Come Dancing may also want to point out that The Dogfather is pretty speedy.

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