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Just Stop Oil protest: Essex and Birmingham oil terminals BLOCKED as production halted | United Kingdom | News UK News

Just Stop Oil protester at the Navigator terminal

It comes as environmental activists say they have halted production at the Kingsbury Oil Terminal near Birmingham after protesters entered the site. The group claims they have also blocked access to Grays Inter terminals in Thurrock, Essex.

Video posted to Just Stop Oil’s Twitter account shows an activist claiming protesters were riding tankers outside the Navigator Terminal in Grays.

Activist Louise Lancaster, 57, said: “We have two to three years to chart a new course to save life on earth. I will not be a spectator while this government squanders its opportunity to shape a sustainable future, pushing us away with lies. “

Twitter users slammed the latest action with cuttsy64’s tweet: “The whole world knows we need to stop using oil, but it can’t happen overnight, can it? in case you wouldn’t have noticed that gasoline and diesel are being phased out, but it takes time.You’re just punishing normal people.

The action comes after activists caused rush-hour mayhem in west London on Thursday after activists climbed onto an oil tanker and forced the closure of a major roundabout leading to the start of the motorway M4.

Footage posted to social media showed four protesters glued to the top of an Eddie Stobart tanker at the junction that feeds west London traffic onto and off the M4.

Flags reading Just Stop Oil hung on the side of the truck.

Furious driver snatches activist from tank truck (Image: LNP)

Just stop the oil

Just Stop Oil activists targeted two terminals (Image: Reuters)

Just Stop Oil is a youth-led coalition of groups working to ensure the government commits to stopping new licensing and production of fossil fuels.

Friday’s action comes two days after Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists lashed out at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

XR scientists, who organized the protest, said they were protesting the government’s “irresponsible and dangerous search for new fossil fuels”.

The group argues that increasing fossil fuel production is incompatible with meeting the UK’s internationally agreed climate targets.


Extinction Rebellion protesters cling to barrels outside the Treasury

Extinction Rebellion protesters cling to barrels outside the Treasury (Image: Getty)

Protesters outside the Department for Business in London

Protesters outside the BEIS building in London (Picture: PA)

Protester Emily Cox, a social scientist specializing in public attitudes on climate and energy, said: ‘We are targeting the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy as they are tasked with choosing between fossil fuels or a livable planet.

“At the moment he is choosing fossil fuels. It is not in the public interest. A large majority of the British public want the government to move away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible and replace them with renewables.

“The public also favors energy efficiency measures such as home insulation to significantly reduce our demand for oil and gas.

“But the government is not listening, preferring to give subsidies and tax breaks to fossil fuel companies.”

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Major UK Oil Refineries (Picture: Express)

However, in a message to activists posted on social media, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said: “You cannot – and we will not – shut down domestic oil and gas production.

“To do so would endanger energy security, jobs and industries – and would simply increase foreign imports, not reduce demand.”

A BEIS spokesperson said: “We are gradually reducing demand for oil and gas, but we cannot come to the brink by shutting down our national source overnight.

“It would endanger our energy security, our jobs and our British industries and would simply increase foreign imports, without reducing demand.

Extinction Rebellion activists demonstrate outside the Shell building

Extinction Rebellion activists demonstrate outside the Shell building (Picture: PA)

“Our UK Energy Security Strategy sets out a long-term plan to increase cheap renewables as we move away from expensive fossil fuels.”

The group said the protest was part of a week of civil disobedience by XR in London.

He said: ‘Action should continue until the UK government agrees to implement Extinction Rebellion’s immediate demand: an immediate end to all new fossil fuel infrastructure.’

XR claimed to have occupied the London headquarters of oil giant Shell on Wednesday.

He said activists stuck to reception as they demanded a meeting with chief executive Ben van Beurden.

A Shell spokesperson said: “We agree society needs to take urgent action on climate change. Shell has a clear goal to become a net zero emissions company by 2050, in tune with society.

“We are also committed to the UK and plan to invest between £20-25bn in the UK energy system over the next decade – over 75% of this will be spent on carbon emissions weak or nil, including offshore wind, hydrogen and electric mobility.

“We respect everyone’s right to express their views and welcome constructive engagement on our strategy and the energy transition. We ask, however, that in doing this people do not intimidate our employees. or endanger the safety of anyone.”

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