Former boss Whip tells Boris Johnson he’s no longer ‘worthy’ of the PM’s office Yorkshire News

The Prime Minister photographed in Downing Street this afternoon

Mark Harper told the House of Commons that Conservative MPs were being asked to defend the “indefensible”, later revealing that he submitted a letter of censure to their leader.

It came after Johnson insisted he was unaware he was breaking his own coronavirus rules as he offered MPs a “sincere apology” after being fined by police last week.

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MPs will have the chance to vote on Thursday on whether the prime minister lied to parliament with his earlier denials that the parties took place in Downing Street.

Mr. Harper told the House of Commons: I strongly support the government’s actions to counter Putin’s aggression and help Ukraine defend itself and our values, and it is exactly at times like these that our country needs a Prime Minister who exemplifies those values.

“I am sorry to say that we have a Prime Minister who broke the laws that he told the country they had to follow, he has not been forthright about it and now he is going to ask the decent men and women on these benches to stand up for what I think is indefensible.

“I am very sorry to have to say this, but I no longer believe that he is worthy of the great position he holds.”

After the House returned from its Easter recess, Johnson said he was speaking “all humbly” in acknowledging the ticket issued by police, about meeting at No. 10 for his birthday in June 2020.

“I paid the fine immediately and offered the British people a full apology, and I take this opportunity on the first available day of sitting to repeat my sincere apology to the House,” he said, as he faced cries of “resignation.”

“Let me also say, not by way of mitigating or excusing, but simply because it explains my earlier words in this House, that it did not occur to me then or later that a meeting in the Cabinet Room just prior to a vital meeting on Covid strategy could amount to a violation of the rules.

“I repeat that this was my mistake and I apologize for it unreservedly.

“I respect the outcome of the police investigation, which is still ongoing, and I can only say that I will respect their decision-making and always take appropriate action.”

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