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The Covid-19 pandemic has undeniably transformed the modern work environment, changing the nature of business communications almost overnight. As the UK approaches its second anniversary of remote/hybrid working, this new way of life seems to be here to stay.

For the most part, workers want this to be the case. RingCentral’s recent survey found that a quarter of UK workers said they would look for another job if forced to return to the office and 63% think connecting online or via voice or video calls is everything. as effective as meeting in person.

As work from anywhere quickly becomes the norm, business leaders need to take the time to audit their interim communications solutions. It’s now crucial that forward-thinking business leaders recognize employees’ desire for greater flexibility in the workplace. With 66% of home-based workers saying they would prefer to continue working remotely, it is critical that companies put the necessary infrastructure in place to ensure they retain staff and continue to operate with resilient technology. the test of time.

The Importance of Unified Communications

As teams and colleagues increasingly connect online and remotely, circumstances have well and truly brought business communication solutions into the limelight. With cloud communications now at the core of most businesses, teams need to assess their needs and possible opportunities to unlock better working relationships and efficiency.

In the weeks leading up to the first wave of the health crisis, companies had to focus on managing the immediate impact, pivot quickly and put continuity measures in place that often took the form of tools based on the cloud.

Now, as businesses continue to manage the impact of the ongoing pandemic, workers find themselves juggling a number of different key tools and technologies. With many team members spread across different regions and territories, the lack of cohesion offered by disparate systems can be very limiting and hamper team efficiency and productivity. On the other hand, having access to a set of integrated collaboration tools is a boon for business teams for better teamwork, better productivity and flexibility, and for the scalability needed to scale in the future.

Unified Communications in Action

The past two years have proven that having the right Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions in place can truly simplify the world of work. For example, in the public sector alone, organizations have been able to provide citizens with better access and improve the efficiency of services to improve the experience at all levels. Here are examples of how UC&C has improved the citizen and worker experience:

  • Healthcare organizations (including the NHS) can link analysis of encrypted data to patient calls, messages and records, enabling more informed and efficient decision-making.
  • Local authorities can deliver better value to municipal taxpayers by planning resources more efficiently and responding more quickly to customer needs.
  • Schools can reassure parents that they can contact a teacher at any time, improving communication and the child’s learning experience.

Powering business intelligence

With a growing reliance on cloud-based communication and collaboration tools, analysts and industry commentators predict that we will see an increase in workplace communications leveraged for intelligence and information. According to Gartner, only a quarter of business meetings will be in person by 2024, and 75% of business conversations will be recorded and analyzed by 2025.

This evolution of business intelligence is beginning to have huge implications for business operations. With productivity, innovation and business benefits, companies across all industries and departments are thinking about how unified communications could play a huge role in advancing their business and taking digital transformation to the next level. .

Due to growing demand, communications providers are increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and looking to integrate cutting-edge technology into their platforms. This added element, which takes online collaboration to a whole new level, enables business users to harness the full potential of communications data for their customers, streamline operations and improve support staff so that they are free to solve problems and innovate.

With AI, businesses can leverage technology to automatically take notes during meetings and provide action lists, meeting summaries, and minutes. Soon we will see innovations such as intelligence automation (AI), which aims to make computers as intelligent as humans.

As technology evolves and digital transformation accelerates and takes on new meaning, dedicated UC&C vendors will gradually begin to offer these AI-powered services to augment a company’s intelligence. In addition to providing customers with AI-powered live services…

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