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Sophisticated wording and relevant content play a huge role in the success and reputation of a business. For all documents – from important contracts and business proposals to product packaging and web copy – the presence of typos and careless errors can undermine the quality of a company’s services and demonstrate a lack attention to detail. It can even lead to widespread delays, product recalls, or legal repercussions. Documents and artwork from multiple languages ​​and frequent changes in the design process – such as in packaging – mean mistakes are almost inevitable.

Errors and misprints can not only damage a company’s reputation, but are also costly to correct. Thorough proofreading and proofreading is crucial. However, attention to detail and intense concentration are difficult if done manually. EyeC – the expert in vision systems for print image control and sample inspection – leads the way in modern proofreading solutions.

The new and innovative EyeC ProofText is a highly automated, web-based artwork proofreading system that prevents unnecessary errors as early as possible in the printing and packaging value chain. The system-independent SaaS web application compares various text sources with other files, such as the PDF of the original artwork file or the proof. No matter how complex information documents, an intelligent algorithm finds and evaluates discrepancies between documents, including text content and font style, independent of position, structure and style – all in one process step. It is specifically designed to help agencies, design studios, marketing departments, regulatory departments, and vendors reduce laborious review cycles and speed up the artwork creation and prepress process.

With the help of EyeC ProofText, jobs can be checked efficiently and time can be saved by inspecting multiple documents and different languages ​​simultaneously. The system’s intuitive usability, intelligent algorithm and innovative user interface in combination with easy-to-use tools enable every user to efficiently check and assess complex documents, regardless of location – a huge advantage when ‘a significant part of the workforce remains remote control.

Minor mistakes or typos are quickly highlighted, helping to avoid gross mistakes and saving money in the long run. ProofText delivers up to 75% faster overall review time than comparable systems on the market thanks to its highly automated text matching, best-in-class user-friendliness, and efficient assessment.

As a result, time-consuming and error-prone manual checks of text-heavy illustrations, package inserts, brochures and flyers are now a thing of the past. EyeC ProofText can increase productivity in unprecedented ways and help maximize the potential of an error-free and resource-efficient digital economy.

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