Audi Urbansphere concept: in the design team’s own words Car News

That means innovations like counter-hinged doors that open wide and rear seats that can rotate 25 degrees for easier access and more intimate face-to-face conversations, while reclining 60 degrees. Truly a first class life.

The Audi Urbansphere concept is also incredibly high-tech. Facial recognition creates a high degree of personalization and personalization for in-vehicle applications for work and play. If rear passengers want separate entertainment or wish to make a private call, they can use the privacy screen head restraints with personal sound zones and individual monitors in the back of the front seats.

Alternatively, a large, full-width transparent OLED cinema screen swings out from the roof, allowing rear passengers to watch a movie or video chat with friends – again, with personal split-screen options.

Henrik Wenders (head of the Audi brand): “We know that private space is highly valued, especially in big cities. The Audi Urbansphere concept allows for maximum freedom, but it goes beyond that with innovative in-vehicle technology that enables personal and immersive experiences: whether for relaxation, productivity, entertainment or regeneration.

Hildegard Wormann (Audi Board Member for Sales and Marketing): “When more and more people are on the go and working remotely, we need new ways to come together. The Audi Urbansphere concept responds to this with new levels of freedom for collaboration and more flexibility to be with friends and family, wherever we are in the world.

Gary Telaak (Audi exterior design): “The Audi digital assistant is at your disposal wherever you sit, making your experience unique. The configuration of your personal comfort zone – your sitting position, lighting, temperature, sound and display – are all individually adjustable. There’s even a privacy shield. So while you’re on a conference call, another passenger could relax with lower lighting and stress-reducing music, and neither of you would disturb the other.

Henrik Wenders (head of the Audi brand): “The Audi Urbansphere concept offers a new kind of space for premium quality time that enables productivity, creativity and meaningful moments for every passenger. It really has a lot to offer. It’s your living room, your office , your cinema. It’s your personal experience device.

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