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Cat News: Siamese found after hitchhiking 280 miles away ‘entire village searched’ | United Kingdom | News UK News

Two-year-old Siamese Ashley somehow traveled from North Wales to the other side of London in the space of six days, with no one knowing where she was. She escaped through an open window in her home in Glan Conwy on April 15, before being discovered in North Stifford on April 21. on the ground.

He and his wife Val assumed she was “asleep somewhere”, before realizing she was missing.

He said: “The whole village, 4,000 people, was looking for him, but not a trace.

“The longer it lasted the more distraught we were, we thought we would never see her again.”

But they were reunited after Ashley showed up 280 miles away in Essex.

Carol Monk’s dog discovered the Siamese cat in their North Stifford garage.

Ms Monk and her partner Allan Baker were alerted when dog Bobby started scratching and crying.

She said he was “very insistent that there was something in our garage”.

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