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Newsnight: Tories slammed for ‘sitting’ while dealing with cost of living crisis | United Kingdom | News UK News

Britons are going through a tough time as they witness one of the worst periods of inflation in history. Targeting the Government, Ms Jardine said: ‘We are now in a situation where my constituency is watching tonight what the Chief Secretary was saying they will find it has little to do with the situation they are facing because at the moment we have the fastest falling standard in this country since the 1950s. Inflation is out of control.

As inflation hit its highest level in 30 years and household bills continued to rise, No 10 said the PM had asked ministers to come up with ‘innovative ways’ to cut the cost of life.

Boris Johnson called on his team to make proposals that do not rely on spending taxpayers’ money at Tuesday’s cabinet meeting.

According to a BBC report, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has suggested relaxing the frequency of MOTs.

Delays at the passport office have also been raised, with Mr Johnson threatening to privatize the service if it does not start offering better value for money.

Opposition parties have said the aid offered by the government to tackle the rising cost of living is insufficient, with Labour, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats calling for an emergency budget to support more households.

Ms Jardine offered the government ways to get the economy back on track.

She said: “There are several things the government could do right away.
“They could cut VAT from 20% to 17.5%, they could go back to the tax relief they gave bankers when they removed surcharges, which is £7billion.

“The windfall tax on huge energy companies that have made huge super profits in this business and others, they have made super profits throughout the pandemic.

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