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Publisher drops ‘racist’ book by Biff, Chip and Kipper | United Kingdom | News UK News

It was part of the national program and was made into a show on the BBC’s CBeebies children’s television channel. But a new The Blue Eye has been criticized on social networks. Critics say the story is racist because the characters Wilf and Biff are frightened after being magically transported to an unknown land.

From the illustrations, it looks like the Middle East as they help Princess Aisha get the title gem so she can be queen.

Wilf said, “I don’t like this place. It’s scary.” And at one market, Biff says “people don’t seem friendly.”

Critics say he paints the region in a bad light and is Islamophobic. One wrote: “This book is used to teach children to read. So they also learn to be Islamophobic. Another added: “I was shocked how the writer got away with it. So inappropriate. People were brainwashed from a young age to stay away from Muslims.

But others suggested the characters’ fears were predictable in a new place.

One tweeted: “These are children in an unknown location. Markets are loud and potentially scary.

Publisher Oxford University Press apologized and said the book aimed at children aged six to seven had been withdrawn after 21 years.

A statement added: “We regularly review and make changes to our list of titles to ensure they are current, diverse, inclusive and reflective of the world we live in.”

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