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From States to Shields: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to speak at South Shields 2022 UK News

David Miliband has confirmed that the annual South Shields conference taking place on June 3 will feature former US politician Hillary Clinton.

The former secretary of state and Mr. Miliband will talk politics during the conference itself, with those present being invited to ask questions throughout the seminar.

June’s event will be the 18th conference in a series that began in 2001 and will be the 12th ceremony to be held at Harton Academy.

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Speaking at the event, David said: “I am extremely proud that Hillary Clinton has agreed to come to South Shields to deliver the 2022 South Shields Lecture.

“At a time of national and global instability and challenges, Hillary has a remarkable perspective on the challenges facing the world and the solutions needed to build a more equal, sustainable and secure future.

David Miliband former Foreign Secretary and MP for South Shields
David Miliband former Foreign Secretary and MP for South Shields

“Hillary has a lifetime of experience in public life, and it’s a testament to her taste for new ideas and open conversation that she’s coming to South Shields in June. There’s no such thing as “in-person dialogue to spark imagination and engagement, and I look forward to an inspiring and enlightening evening. I know Hillary will receive a warm welcome to the North East and I believe that she will return this warmth with insight and ideas.

Hillary added: “I know how proud David is of South Shields so I was delighted to accept his invitation to give the 2022 South Shields conference. My great-grandfather lived just down the road from South Shields to Durham, so in some ways I feel like I’m going home!

“The world is facing so many challenges and we need more conversations about how to build a safer world for our children and grandchildren. I look forward to talking with David and the people of South Shields.”

Sir Ken Gibson, Executive Director of Harton Academy, also commented: “We at Harton are absolutely delighted and delighted to be able to host David’s annual lecture for the 12th consecutive occasion.

“We couldn’t have wished for a better or more interesting guest than Hillary Clinton, and local audiences will be delighted to hear Secretary Clinton and David in conversation.

“Tickets will be in huge demand and we expect a very full house amid huge interest in this special event.”

David Miliband with former Prime Minister Sir John Major at the Miliband Annual Lecture at Harton College
David Miliband with former Prime Minister Sir John Major at the Miliband Annual Lecture at Harton College

Recent speakers at the annual event include former England footballer Gary Lineker, former Prime Minister Sir John Major and musical inspiration Sting. Jo Brand, Estelle Morris, Allan Bennett, Patrick Stewart and David Walliams are a few other familiar faces who have spoken at the conference in the past.

The event, which is completely free, is in partnership with Colman’s Seafood, Education Mutual and Durham University and tickets are advised to be booked early before they run out.

Tickets are also limited to two per household, with priority given to those in postcodes NE33 and NE34.

To learn more, visit the official Harton Academy website, here.

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