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Keir Starmer won’t do better than Corbyn’s best local election, expert says | United Kingdom | News UK News

Mr Starmer has campaigned with Israeli Labor Party officials in a bid to distance himself from the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Dan Hodges, political commentator for the Daily Mail tweeted: ‘John Curtice says it’s very possible Keir Starmer can’t say he did better than Jeremy Corbyn in his best local election result.

Labour’s best local election performance under Jeremy Corbyn came in 2018.

Mr Starmer had launched his party’s local election campaign, promising to help households affected by the soaring cost of living.

He had accused the Tories of giving a “pathetic” response to rising prices and pledged to cut energy bills with a one-off tax on oil and gas companies.

Sir Keir had said he would ‘fight for every vote’ in local elections in England, Scotland and Wales.

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