How Plan B brought MG back to its A-game Car News

Pigounakis once oversaw that kind of success at MG: he was responsible for launching the popular F sports car in 1995, alongside engineer Brian Griffin and now-famous Jaguar Land Rover designer Gerry McGovern.

“The demand for our products seems to be growing exponentially,” says Pigounakis. “I’ve been in the industry for 43 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it – except, oddly enough, when we launched MGF. We were dealing with 12-month timelines then, so it feels a bit like deja vu in a lot of ways.

Luckily, MG’s sports car days aren’t over either. Next year it will launch the Cyberster roadster, first shown in April 2021 as a concept at the Shanghai Motor Show. Details of the production car remain top secret, but Pigounakis said bringing a sports car back to the lineup “will bring us huge PR and marketing benefits”.

More imminent and far more common is a family sedan rivaling the Volkswagen ID 3, the 4. Expected later this year, it will tie with the ZS for sales, Pigounakis believes.

This year MG will halve its UK sales from 30,600 to around 45,000 – and that could be more if there is free supply, claims Pigounakis. Ultimately, he thinks 70,000 sales are “very achievable” by 2025.

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