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The most iconic celebrity dresses, from Diana’s Revenge dress to Beyonce’s Lemonade dress UK News

Nasty Gal has revealed the top 10 celebrity dresses that have “broken the internet” over the past 30 years.

The fashion retailer has compiled a ranking of some of the most memorable looks worn by the most famous faces in pop culture.

From Princess Diana’s “revenge” dress to Beyonce’s striking Lemonade outfit, these unforgettable looks made waves in the 1990s and 2000s and we haven’t stopped thinking about them ever since.

Each dress was ranked, out of a possible 20 points, based on a number of crucial factors including the number of articles written about it and the impact it has had on the celebrity’s career.

Nasty Gal also analyzed the wider impact of dresses, studying their influence on the fashion industry and society as a whole through the number of imitations of the dress.

“The more impactful the dress, the more iconic it is,” Nasty Gal explained.

Here are the most iconic celebrity dresses that have helped shape fashion today.

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Nasty Gal ranks among the 10 most iconic celebrity dresses

Arriving in first place is undoubtedly Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, Union Jack Dress.

Halliwell wore the memorable outfit to the 1997 Brit Awards, and it has become synonymous with the popular girl group itself.

This standout dress also created the biggest buzz online with a total of 70,861 social media engagements, according to Nasty Gal.

The dress, which was made from a £5 tea towel on a Gucci dress, almost didn’t happen but Halliwell got past the doubts, she admitted in a 24th anniversary Instagram post of the dress.

Discover the other historic dresses that changed fashion.

Top 10 Celebrity Dresses That Blew The Internet

1. The Union Jack dress

Worn by: Geri Halliwell

Designed by: Geri Halliwell

Nasty Gal Score: 18

2. The Revenge Dress

Worn by: Princess Diana

Designed by: Christina Stambolian

Nasty Gal Score: 16

3. The safety pin dress

Worn by: Liz Hurley

Designed by: Gianni Versace

Nasty Gal Score: 15

4. The green Versace dress

Carried by: JLO

Designed by: Donatella Versace

Nasty Gal Score: 14

5. The Meat Dress

Worn by: Lady Gaga

Designed by: Franc Fernández

Nasty Gal Score: 12

Times Series: Lady Gaga's meat dress.  Credit:PALady Gaga’s meat dress. Credit:PA

6. The Leg Bomb Dress

Worn by: Angelina Jolie

Designed by: Versace

Nasty Gal Score: 11

7. The Oscars tuxedo dress

Carried by: Billy Porter

Designed by: Christian Siriano

Nasty Gal Score: 11

8. The Swan Dress

Carried by: Björk

Designed by: Marjan Pejoski

Nasty Gal Score: 11

9. The omelette dress

Worn by: Rihanna

Designed by: Guo Pei

Nasty Gal Score: 11

10. The Lemonade Dress

Worn by: Beyoncé

Designed by: B. Akerlund

Nasty Gal Score: 10

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