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Kevin Bryan reviews the 10 best reissued CDs

Kevin Bryan

Selection of 10 of the best reissues

There are archival reprints and anthologies worth investigating.

The arrival of the CD in 1982 sparked a whole new approach to record marketing from all the major record labels.

Suddenly, all the old recordings, gathering dust in record company archives, became a viable business proposition as punters raced to replace tired old vinyl albums with new, state-of-the-art CDs.

This process has continued over the past four decades, and although sales have slowed in recent years, astute seekers are still able to unearth some forgotten gems from time to time.

1 – Steve Ashley’s family album remastered

Steve Ashley’s family album

Remastered and expanded version of singer-songwriter Ashley’s critically acclaimed but unfairly overlooked 1979 collection.

Full Recordings of Friends Arrival (1969-73)

Friends: complete recordings (1969-1973)

Interesting anthology exploring the musical output of Arrival, whose trademark blue-eyed soul has enjoyed a glimpse of chart success.

3 – Waylon Jennings (cherry red)

Waylon Jennings Singer of Sad Songs

Waylon helped found the outlaw country movement with fellow Texan Willie Nelson and this CD reissue brings content from four of his RCA albums from the early 70s.

4 – Circus (talking elephant)


Fascinating period piece from 1969, providing an early vehicle for the talents of flute and sax virtuoso Mel Collins, who later rose to prominence with King Crimson and Camel.

5 – Mandy Morton & Spriguns” (cherry red)

Mandy Morton and Spriguns

Eerie and inventive gothic folk from a band whose original albums are now highly sought after collectables.

6 – Affinity (Cherry Red)


Affinity: Remastered and Expanded

Legendary British jazz-rockers Affinity with exceptional vocalist Linda Hoyle, featuring inimitable covers from the Everly Brothers, Bob Dylan and Laura Nyro.

7 – Al Stewart (cherry red)

Al Stewart with Time Passages

The polished and cultured singer-songwriter is a former Poet Laureate from Bedsitter Country, first released in 1978 with expert production by Alan Parsons.

8 – Jan Schelhaas (The Talking Elephant)

Jan Schelhaas with Living on a blue dot

Living on a little blue dot

A richly rewarding five-year offering from Liverpool-born keyboard ace Camel and Caravan, situated firmly at the more commercial end of the progressive rock spectrum.

9 – Hawkwind (cherry red)

Hawkwind Dust of Time

Hawkwind celebrates half a century of uncompromising music with an atmospheric 2CD space rock showcase, including the unexpected 1972 hit, “Silver Machine.”

10 – Manfred Mann (Decca)

Manfrerd Mann’s Greatest Hits

5-4-3-2-1 Greatest Hits

Manfred Mann was virtually on the ’60s singles charts, with this anthology bringing classic hits like Pretty Flamingo and Mighty Quinn to life.

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