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Biggest EuroMillions jackpot up for grabs tonight – here are the luckiest Sheffield Lottery winners UK News

The fortune of the winning ticket holder would instantly exceed that of footballers Harry Kane (£33m) and Paul Pogba (£64m) combined.

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Camelot lottery licence: here are all the biggest Sheffield lottery winners since…

The jackpot would buy four Caribbean islands, with a few million to spare, the equivalent of 11 luxury six-bedroom properties in London’s wealthy Hyde Park.

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The UK’s biggest lottery winner could be crowned tonight with a £184m EuroMillions jackpot up for grabs

If there was only one jackpot winner, they would be catapulted to the top of the National Lottery’s rich list.

Only 14 players have ever won a jackpot of over £100m, with the current record holder being an anonymous winner of £170m in October 2019.

Andy Carter of Camelot, Senior National Lottery Winners Advisor, said: “We could be looking at the National Lottery’s biggest winner on Tuesday!

“This enormous sum could not only change the life of a winner, but would make a huge difference for their friends, family and community.

“My team and I have our fingers crossed for all UK players and are ready to support all of our big winners as they begin their life-changing journey. Be sure to get your ticket early!”

To have a chance of winning, players are asked to purchase their tickets before 7:30 p.m. tonight.

If no one wins and the jackpot keeps rolling, the EuroMillions prize will be capped once it hits €230m (£196.5m), which it would likely reach in the draw. friday.

Once it reaches the cap and assuming it is still not won, the jackpot will remain at €230 million for four more draws until it must be won on the fifth draw.

A mystery lottery winner known only as ‘Mr L’ from South Yorkshire raked in £1million last July after getting lucky at EuroMillions.

The lucky man – who chose not to reveal his identity – won the prize in the draw for the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker event on July 2 along with 19 other players.

Historically, Sheffield has been one of Britain’s luckiest cities for lottery prizes, with at least 70 new millionaires coming forward since 1994.

The best-known winners are the incredibly generous Ray and Barbara Wragg, who took home £7.6million in 2000 and donated over £5million to friends, family and charity.

Sheffield hairdresser Deana Sampson has swapped her council house for a luxury conversion in Baslow after recouping £5.4million. She had just £3.60 in her bank accounts when she matched her numbers in 1996. Her first purchase was a new pair of trainers.

In March 2018, a syndicate of 19 Sheffield couriers won a £228,000 prize on the EuroMillions game, each pocketing £12,000.

Union leader Craig Davison said at the time the win was “a dream” and thought he was “seeing things” when his numbers came up.

In 2007, cashier Karen Child, from Derbyshire, cashed in an £8.4million lottery prize, giving her a ‘dream wedding’ that summer.

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