New Bentley Bentayga EWB replaces Mulsanne as flagship Car News

Instead, buyers have a choice of three rear seat options: a luxurious two-seat layout, a classic bench seat for three, and a combination of the pair called “4+1”, which places a small jump seat between two larger rear seats. .

The EWB also introduces (optional) a new type of climatic seat that senses an occupant’s body temperature and surface humidity and adjusts ambient temperature and airflow for comfort. It can also sense an occupant’s seat pressure points and make “micro-adjustments” for maximum comfort.

There are a number of super plush new trim options: an intricate new type of diamond quilting, a perforation pattern for the LED-backlit doors (with light intensity and color controlled from the control panel), and a separate ionization for the enlarged rear compartment which emphasizes what Bentley calls its “new focus on well-being”.

Bentley expects the EWB to cost around 15 per cent more than the standard car, when specification is identical, but a greater range of options means complete cars will be over £300,000. Production of the new model has already started and Bentley aims to start delivering cars to customers in early summer.

Q&A: Chris Cole, Bentayga Product Line Manager

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