Nigel Farage beat Piers Morgan’s flagship show for the first time since TalkTV launched Business

Nigel Farage has beaten Piers Morgan’s flagship show for the first time since the launch of TalkTV, amid a battle to win viewers from established media brands.

Some 58,000 viewers tuned in to watch Mr Morgan’s program on Rupert Murdoch’s channel at its peak on Monday night, compared to 73,600 for Mr Farage on GB News, according to TV ratings compiler Barb.

This marks a dramatic drop from the outstanding ratings the former Good Morgan Britain presenter delivered on his first night out just two weeks previously.

Viewers flocked to the channel to watch the April 25 launch of Piers Morgan Uncensored, which featured an exclusive interview with Donald Trump. It outpaced its rivals, attracting an audience of around 316,800, which peaked at 400,000.

At the time, Mr Morgan boasted on Twitter that his show “got five times the ratings” of Mr Farage’s programme. Its viewing figures fell to just 61,700 a week later, before hitting a new low this week.

Mr Murdoch launched TalkTV as a channel that offers American-style opinion news to contrast with the BBC amid clear demand for an alternative. He is said to have spent £50million on a three-year deal with Mr Morgan, to boost viewership following the presenter’s success on ITV.

Rival newcomer GB News now regularly beats TalkTV in the ratings, prompting Mr Trump to claim he was behind the channel’s early success.

He said: “The ratings for Piers Morgan’s interview with me were great! Sadly, after that interview, his show completely bombed because of the false narrative he tried to portray.

“The thing is, I got another glimpse of Piers, and he doesn’t have what it takes anymore. It’s over for him!”

Talk TV also recruited Sharon Osbourne and Tom Newton-Dunn as presenters. Ms Osbourne’s show has also struggled recently, with viewership dropping from an average of 43,900 to just 6,000 last week. The BBC’s 24-hour news channel usually attracts around 80,000 viewers at around the same time in the evening, between 9 and 10 p.m.

Mr Morgan linked up with Mr Murdoch after his dramatic exit from ITV’s Good Morning Britain last year.

Good Morning Britain’s average viewership plummeted by 21% after the high-profile presenter quit following a row over the Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Mr Morgan said ITV ‘came to the woke crowd’ for backing the Duchess when she complained he was calling her a liar. The presenter was later cleared of wrongdoing after a wave of complaints to media regulator Ofcom.

Ofcom said Mr Morgan was entitled to say he did not believe the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s claims during their Oprah interview and was within his right to ‘have and ‘express strong opinions that rigorously challenged their account’.

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