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Dog news: Owners who feed their pets a vegan diet warned ‘you should be arrested’ | United Kingdom | News UK News

Rachael, a committed vegan, said any conversation about giving dogs vegan food online “goes horribly, horribly horribly”. The owner of a pair of puppies added that she didn’t make the decision just for ideological reasons like others, but rather because she saw a health issue in one case.

She said: “I can no more make my dogs vegan than I can make them support Labour.”

Switching pets to a meatless diet has grown in popularity in recent years as people search for more ethical ways to live their lives.

A shift to veganism is sometimes attributed to a moral aversion to harming animals or concerns about the environmental impact the meat industry is having on the planet.

However, reviews suggest that dogs, alongside other pets, should be fed a diet that resembles what they are naturally accustomed to.

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Despite being a vegan, Rachel said she doesn’t think she can extend her diet to her two dogs – a border terrier and a Labrador.

She told the Guardian: “I’ve always been very much in agreement: of course dogs need meat – they’re carnivores. They descend from wolves – they must have it.

However, she was influenced by the advice of Dr. Arielle Griffiths, veterinarian and champion of vegan pet food. She thinks a plant-based diet can help with the common obesity she sees in cats and dogs.

Although she had changed her mind, Rachel – who chose not to give her surname for fear of online backlash – said many others were reacting angrily to the change.

She said: “On Facebook, I tried to chat with people a number of times.

“It’s going horribly, horribly, horribly. I had people say they wanted me arrested and imprisoned.

However, a “very happy side effect” of the change was that his terrier’s stomach issues resolved, after a series of failed diet changes.

Before switching to a vegan diet, Rachel had tried a raw meat diet, trying “every animal under the sun” – including crocodile and black soldier fly larvae.

After testing a vegan diet on her Labrador – who has “an iron constitution” – which she said he took, she replaced her terrier with plant-based food.

Although not completely gone, the stomach problems that plagued dog Dicky for a decade are “almost cured”.

Despite her apparent successes with veganism, Rachel remains wary of suggesting that all dogs are capable of being meatless.

She said: “My dogs are my absolute world, and I would never do anything that I think would compromise their health or happiness just because it would make me feel better.

“I’m not saying my dogs are vegan. I can no more make my dogs vegan than I can make them support Labour.

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