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It’s also a similar size to those siblings, but around 100mm shorter at 4515mm, on par with its nearest rival, the Audi Q4 E-tron.

Three models are available: Premium, Sport and Sport Plus. Premium, as driven, is a rear-drive, single-motor setup, while the other two use all-wheel-drive and dual motors for varying degrees of power.

Genesis might hedge its bets on the overall experience rather than the models it sells, but it’s not ignoring that either. Tyrone Johnson, who in a previous life at Ford developed the excellent third-generation Ford Focus RS among many others, is now in charge of development in Europe.

The configuration of the GV60, as with most electric vehicles, means a low center of gravity and excellent weight distribution. Tuned differently from the Ioniq 5 and EV6 to try and achieve the ultimate blend of comfort and dynamism, this is a car that grips the road perfectly, cornering confidently and with little body roll. The steering on these louder sections of road is heavy, consistent and relatively direct, but could have even more feedback.

Producing 226 hp and pulling 258 lb-ft of torque, the Premium has plenty of effortless power across the range and it’s hard to imagine why anyone would need more (although the two more powerful GV60 versions offer exactly that).

The ride is firm but fortunately not at the expense of comfort. On the very few rough surfaces we could find around Frankfurt, the car absorbed crashes with ease. Whether this applies to neglected UK road surfaces is another matter.

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