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Putin Ukraine: Leaked Messages Show Russian Soldiers’ Surprise at ‘Random’ Invasion | United Kingdom | News UK News

In a shameful humiliation for Putin’s army, the messages show the disorganization that plagued the Russian military during the war. Some soldiers did not know they were going into combat, their commanders telling them they were taking part in “exercises”.

A Russian soldier wrote: “I am for a [looking] for a battalion commander. With injured here. They can’t find the battalion commander. I am alone in my battalion.

“Anyone here in Kharkiv? Let me know.”

A Russian soldier replied “wait” while another asked: “Are you the only officer?”

The Russian soldier answered: “Yes”.

Other messages from the chat group show the shock of Russian soldiers at one of their columns being ‘crushed’, alerting others that their wounded have been left at the border.

A soldier said, “What else can they do? If they weren’t even warned? They mostly went to exercises.

Another soldier, however, claimed that “everyone knew everything”.

Another troop said, “Yes, I was also shocked. The attack started randomly.”

A conversation in March shows Russian soldiers apparently trying to find their friends. A soldier claimed the man they were looking for had been taken away by the secret police following a fight with his division commander.

The messages, leaked by Ukrainian police via Telegram, then translated and shared on Twitter by @mdmitri91 (Dmitri), show the low morale and chain of command problems suffered by the Russian military.

Dmitri is an Estonian living in the UK who regularly translates messages and videos from Russian.

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Not only had his forces failed to capture kyiv, partly due to low morale and logistical problems, but his forces were now retreating around Kharkiv to the east. Ukrainian forces reportedly reached the Russian border in some areas.

In addition, Finland and Sweden have announced their intention to join NATO. Putin had hoped the invasion would end NATO’s expansion.

Now NATO forces are carrying out exercises in the Baltic countries, just 40 miles from its border.

After a redeployment in eastern Ukraine, Russian forces are again mired in what threatens to become a grueling war of attrition against a smaller but better armed and more motivated Ukrainian army.

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