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Royal Navy warship HMS Queen Elizabeth returns to UK to dock at Solent | United Kingdom | News UK News

The massive vessel, which can carry up to 40 military aircraft, arrived in the waters off the south coast of England on Sunday May 15 and is believed to have departed hours later. HMS Queen Elizabeth was to pass Nab Tower and move towards C-ANCHORAGE, according to shipping movements. It also showed that she would remain anchored while a boat transfer took place at some point in the afternoon.

At 9:15 p.m. the flagship was listed to move close to Nab Tower and head back to sea.

A Royal Navy spokesman said the anchorage is close to Stokes Bay at Gosport, so the best visibility would have been from that area.

On Twitter, the HMS Queen Elizabeth account shared two images taken by onlookers of the huge ship in the Solent on Sunday.

He wrote alongside this: “Thank you to our Twitter followers who took their cameras.

“Some great footage of the Fleet Flagship in the Solent.”

Several people took to the popular social media platform to once again praise the sight of the “magnificent” flagship back on home shores.

Twitter user “Lt Col Kilgore” (@MactheVikingar): “She’s really nice to watch.”

“Aaron_the_Humanist” (@aaron_humanist) said, “Really fantastic, love this beach pic.”

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She has been spotted sailing up the Firth of Clyde for just the second time since she launched eight years earlier in 2014.

This was then followed by a five-day stop in Liverpool, before returning home to Portsmouth.

Earlier this month she left the south coast town but sailing movements show she is back at sea near Hampshire.

Last year, the gigantic ship embarked on its maiden voyage, with voyages to countries including South Korea and India.

The deployment, which lasted nearly seven months, saw the ship and its crew visit a range of other locations.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is described by the Royal Navy as the “largest and most powerful ship ever built” for her.

In addition to having state-of-the-art weaponry and communications systems, the flagship ship’s flight deck measures four acres.

The Royal Navy has said it will be used to launch the “fearsome new fast jet F35 Joint Strike Fighter”.

Four fighter jets can be moved from the hangar to the flight deck in just one minute.

The ship’s two propellers weigh 33 tons each. The powertrain behind them generates enough power to run 1000 family cars.

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