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Platinum Jubilee: Brits surprised by blue and red platinum jubilee fish n chips | United Kingdom | News UK News

THE Platinum Jubilee is an exciting time for chefs looking to set themselves apart with new dishes to celebrate the historic occasion.

And a takeaway in Wales made a bold attempt – representing the occasion with a blue and red plate of fish and chips. Crisp & Fry, a chain of chip shops in Llanelli and Ammanford, has attracted a lot of attention after a video of its new dinner option went viral.

The video shows chips prepared in red batter, while cod is fried in blue batter – symbolizing the colors of the Union Jack.

The white lines of the flag are laid with mayonnaise to finish the plate.

It drew mixed reactions, with one horrified TikTok user saying he was now “blind” after witnessing the process.

However, Jacob Thomas, Chippy’s marketing manager, told customers “love” the Jubilee-themed design.

He said: “The last two years have been miserable for a lot of people.

“We were thinking of brightening it up a bit with blue fish and chips!”

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Mr Thomas added: “Come on in and try it and see what you really think. We gave it to quite a few people who came and they loved it, they loved the dough and the chips.

“It’s just food coloring – the fish doesn’t taste different. It’s just a unique thing, you don’t normally see blue fish.

When asked if Crisp & Fry would expand its colorful foods offering, Mr Thomas said they could start cooking breaded blue sausages.

He said: “Next week is National Fish and Chips week, so as a fish and chips shop we’re going to be looking at doing battered blue sausage and maybe some kids meals with different colors.”

The video, titled Jubilee Fish & Chips Everyone?, went viral on TikTok, racking up over 350,000 views and hundreds of comments.

It shows the fish and chips dipped in the colorful batter before being fried.

The end product is blue fish laid on a bed of red fries and crossed with mayonnaise to form the edible Union Jack.

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One TikTok user said, “Well done, I’m blind now.” While another replied: “Immediately no.”

Another user, Eve, said, “Lord, is this the kind of thing that awaits us for the next few weeks? If so, I could go on vacation.

Crisp & Fry is a small chain of chip shops in Llanelli and Ammanford in Wales.

Mr Thomas said the colorful dishes will be on sale in stores from next week.

The Platinum Jubilee marks Her Majesty’s 70th anniversary as Queen. There will be a series of celebrations across the country.

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