Honda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD Hybrid EX Style 2022 UK review Car News

Despite all of Honda’s recent sales issues and drastically reduced number of models on offer in the UK, it’s good to see that it hasn’t ditched the Honda-ness of its cars. The feeling that no matter what, this thing will work reliably for eons.

It’s no different in this slightly blunt Honda Jazz. It’s a new trim level, with the EX styling (as opposed to regular EX, the only other trim offered these days) offering some external additions but not fundamentally changing the Jazz formula. Incidentally, you can’t get the Style upgrade in the bumper Crosstar version.

For £25,940 you get a black pack kit, with that color on the door mirrors, side mouldings, rear spoiler and roof. It also features black/silver alloys, measuring 185/55 R16.

It’s not the most radical set of additions, nor has it endowed the car with much more street cred, while the price pushes it ahead of its main rival, the Toyota Yaris. An Excel trim in this car costs £23,790.

Still, with standard diddier wheels, the Honda only emits 84g/km compared to the Toyota’s 98g/km, so you save a few percentage points on the BIK.

The Jazz’s interior remains the same, with full connectivity via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and a nine-inch touchscreen. Luckily, there’s a physical volume knob and climate switches, but many functions are also controlled from the steering wheel.

The Jazz’s party trick – the nifty flip-and-fold rear seats – are still there, but the trunk isn’t expansive. There’s enough room for granny’s groceries, or the bichon frize on the way back from the groomer, but not much else.

A two-motor hybrid configuration remains, consisting of an electric drive motor and an integrated starter-generator. That’s 107 hp and 187 lb-ft, giving a 0-62 mph time of 9.9s, just 0.2s off the Yaris.

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