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Sheffield mum bombarded with bottles and told to ‘f*** off’ after trying to break up teen fight UK News

The woman was on her way home from work when she met the group in the underpass under the A61 at Meadowhead.

She says she was subjected to a wave of despicable and gross abuse and had bottles thrown at her as she attempted to pull a boy who was bleeding profusely from the fracas.

In a Facebook post, she said: “Mom’s guilt came and I went to separate them – I would hate for it to be one of my children.

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The mother says the mass brawl took place on a subway in Meadowhead.

“They broke up and I made sure the boy with f****** blood from his nose was okay, while dodging the blows of the other guys.”

She then encountered “various other guys who kept insulting me and telling me to fuck up and mind my own business!”

“The boy was fine and I continued on my merry way, only to be called by every name in the sun and thrown bottles at me when just seeing if someone was okay was something else. thing.

“The language was disgusting, the abuse was truly awful and for these boys you should be so proud of yourselves that you will go far in life.”

She said the incident happened around 3 p.m. with “over 30 kids under the subway, all standing in a circle” and it was “pretty obvious there was going to be a fight.”

She added: “So if your child comes home with a bloody nose, don’t hesitate to contact us – I’ll be more than happy to identify the little t**** who did this to your son. .

“If your child was there, you should give him a warning shot. Talking to someone and throwing their language at me was another thing.

“Please contact us if you would like to know if your children were there, I would be more than happy to tell you.”

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