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I wonder if there’s a slightly inconvenient truth for some niche automakers that the buying public knows places like this exist, mind. Even high-end hypercars have production lines, and they’re not really suited for the real limited-volume stuff, the things that big-name badges like to put their name on but don’t always do themselves.

Even the makers of expensive and rare hypercars – those much more specialized than, say, Ford – don’t make a habit of producing very low-volume, high-value halo cars and can’t let the staff, l equipment and skills needed. finding themselves redundant in the downtime between sets.

This is where Tecniq and others come in and are sworn to secrecy. Don’t reveal the parts, don’t name the names; simply deliver cardboard boxes containing the right products at the right time and at the right price and, above all, with the right quality.

Some 12% of Tecniq’s costs and 8% of its staff are related to quality. It can subject products to 125,000 cycle test routines and is a preferred supplier to test and development companies Millbrook and Idiada.

In the end, though, who really likes to keep secrets and say nothing about their work? It’s nice to have a window, isn’t it? I think that’s why Envisage created Caton and showcased his skills with this Healey. It’s one of the reasons Tecniq makes a unique Land Rover Defender (see below), and I wonder if that’s why they created a classic racing division in 2019: more stuff for the public to put the name.

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