Murder of Billy Henham: prison for ‘Flames’ and two teenage drug dealers Brighton News

THE judge who presided over the trial and sentencing of Billy Henham has detailed the tragic circumstances of the New Year’s Eve party during which the student was brutally murdered.

In delivering his sentencing remarks, His Honor Justice John Cavanagh said that as presiding judge he was “trustworthy that what follows is an accurate description of the circumstances of the murder and the part played in it by each of the [the defendants]”.

Gregory Hawley and Dushane Meikle were each sentenced by Hove Crown Court to life imprisonment, with a minimum sentence of 25 years, while Lamech Gordon-Carew, 20, and Alize Spence, 19, who had no only 16 years old at the time of the murder, were each sentenced to minimum terms of 18 years in prison.

Judge Cavanagh continued: “Gregory Hawley, you were an experienced squatter and were the squat leader at 30-31 North Street. Lamech Gordon-Carew and Alize Spence, you had traveled together to Brighton from London to sell drugs, and you lived at the squat.

“You, Dushane Meikle, were a well-known figure in Brighton’s homeless community and visited the squat on New Years Eve 2019 to attend the party and provide security.

“Your street name was Flames. You all took drugs and drank alcohol throughout the evening.

The judge said why the four men murdered the student ‘will remain a mystery’ but said the assault took place in two locations and was a ‘prolonged’ attack .

“First he was taken to a room on the second floor of the building at 30-31 North Street and beaten badly,” the judge said. “[Gordon-Carew and Spence] punched and kicked Bill Henham in the head and body, and he was left bleeding on the floor.

“You then dragged his body across the floor and took him up a flight of stairs to the first floor. From there, the four of you participated in getting her to the back door on the first floor.

A reveler who witnessed this part of the attack on the student, who lived in Henfield and was a student at Ravensbourne University in London, was praised by the judge for his bravery after giving evidence against the four men.

Billy was then beaten with wooden pins which had been taken down a flight of stairs and kicked in the head, face and body, with a witness later telling the court he could hear “screams coming from the room”.

“There is no doubt that the pain and suffering you inflicted on Bill Henham was excruciating and terrifying,” Judge said.

At one point Hawley talked about burning down the building to cover up the crime, the judge said, who added: ‘As a final act of degradation, you Dushane Meikle, took pictures of the partially nude body and then completely naked of Bill, which you then tried, unsuccessfully, to delete from your phone.”

Hawley has previous convictions for possession of a bladed item in a public place, as have Spence and Meikle. Gordon-Carew has no prior convictions.

The court heard some of Billy Henham’s ashes would be scattered near a memorial bench overlooking Brighton.

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