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Shame on the BBC: MP attacks anti-Brexit firm for failing to check or correct facts | United Kingdom | News UK News

The broadcaster has been repeatedly accused of breaching its duty of impartiality when reporting on Brexit news. Roger Mosey, who previously worked at the BBC from 1980 to 2013, said of the company: “I think there is sometimes a lack of understanding from conservative groups, religious groups, older people, who you have to make sure – if you really want impartiality – you understand why they think what they do.

“After the Brexit debate, I thought Brexit voters were all portrayed as angry people in Clapton’s fish and chips.

“It really wasn’t the right picture.”

Mr Mosey quit the BBC in 2013 after accusing it of bias, saying it was too left wing and had not ‘given enough space to anti-immigration views or withdrawals from the EU”.

More recently, people accused the BBC of being biased when reporting on the Northern Ireland protocol which Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hoping to change.

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In September 2020, after taking office, he declared: “It is deliverable and it is essential.

“If you work here, nothing should be more exciting than exploring different viewpoints, seeking evidence with curiosity, and presenting testimonials creatively.

“Using our own experiences but not being guided by our personal agendas.

“I wonder if some people are concerned that impartiality is a bit boring.”

The BBC has been approached for comment.

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