‘Welcome to Luton’ sign panics passengers landing at Gatwick Airport Brighton News

PASSENGERS felt panicked after spotting a ‘Welcome to Luton’ sign on their way to Gatwick Airport.

The huge white lettering was spotted in a field near the airport near Crawley, more than 60 miles south of Luton.

Abbey Desmond, who was traveling to Gatwick from Cancun in Mexico yesterday, said she shared a photo of the sign on Twitter.

It has been shared over 22,000 times.

Abbey, who is a paramedic in London, said: ‘Flying into Gatwick, just before landing, that’s what comes out the left hand window… great prank, deffo in Gatwick.’

Journalist Jeremy Cliffe was also duped by the sign.

He wrote: ‘Nothing makes for a stress-free arrival in the UK like the words Welcome to Luton currently spelled out in giant white letters in a field below the final approach to Gatwick Airport.

YouTube prankster Max Fosh claimed responsibility for the stunt, responding to Abbey’s tweet saying “guilty”.

Max, who has over 924,000 subscribers on the video platform, told BBC Three Counties Radio: “It’s my job to make videos and my videos are about doing silly things, making people smile but just to be silly, I’m glad that stunt went well.”

The 27-year-old added: “I went door-to-door in fields next to Heathrow and Gatwick and a lovely couple said: ‘Yeah we have an 80m long pitch which we have no use,’ so I said ‘great, can I get my tarp out and start staking pegs in the ground?’.”

Max told the BBC the 14 letters, each measuring eight meters by three metres, cost him £4,000.

He said: “If you’re flying into Gatwick, look out the left window, you should see it about 90 seconds before you land.”

Max apologized to everyone who was “seriously thrown off” by his prank.

In 2015, a similar stunt went viral after an American who lived near Milwaukee airport wrote “Welcome to Cleveland” on the roof of his house.

Gatwick Airport has been approached for comment.

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