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EasyJet Bristol Airport passengers miss wedding and baby scan after flight cancellation left them ‘stranded’ Bath City News

Two friends say they missed a wedding, a baby scan and lost a day’s pay after their EasyJet flight was cancelled. The couple found themselves ‘stranded’ after their flight from Faro to Bristol on May 19 was canceled at the very last minute.

Declan Lally, 29, and his friend were returning home after traveling to Sevilla to watch the Europa League final last Wednesday – between Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers. They had arrived in Faro, Portugal, on Monday evening (May 16) before taking a bus to Seville on Tuesday.

As reported by Bristol Live, they then took a taxi from Seville to Faro on their return trip on Thursday, arriving for their scheduled 10.20pm-6pm flight. Declan said he was told by staff at Faro airport that their flight was delayed for 10 minutes and, as he was checked in online, he then went through security. He was standing at the gates with checked passports ready to board and with the plane “in sight” but, although he saw people getting off the plane and thinking he was just refueling and they would be en route, at 11 p.m. he was told his flight had been cancelled.

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Declan said: “I’m a freelance barber so I lost my full diary on Friday when I was supposed to be home. I also lost Saturday which was also full.

“I had two wedding parties booked for haircuts – one on Friday and one on Saturday and had to skip them both. I was even supposed to attend my friends wedding on Sunday and I so had to skip it – although I managed to show up very late on a Sunday night but was falling asleep in the car so wasn’t really invited.

“It means she lost the money she spent on me attending her wedding because I didn’t make it in time to see her get married and missed her meal.”

EasyJet has since apologized for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation. Declan’s friend Richard, 28, also missed a baby ultrasound with his partner.

Where Declan and his friend spent the night at Faro airport (Image: Declan Lally)

The couple, both from Helensburgh in Scotland, were supposed to meet fellow friend William in Bristol so the three of them could fly together. Declan’s plan was to fly from Faro to Bristol with EasyJet and then catch another flight from Bristol to Glasgow with his friends. However, as the flight from Faro was cancelled, he did not fly to Glasgow and claims EasyJet told him he would not be refunded.

Declan also said no one directly from EasyJet was there to speak as the company is represented by a third party company in Faro. Instead, they were handed a piece of paper titled “what to do if your flight is delayed or cancelled”.

Taking to Twitter to try and get answers, Declan asked the airline if he would be able to get a refund for his missed flight, to which easyJet replied: “For the flight you have missed due to the disruption, you will need to claim If you have booked a connecting flight with easyJet or another carrier, this represents a separate contract of carriage.

“We do not guarantee or accept liability for loss of onward carriage on a subsequent flight. When you choose to book such a subsequent flight. »

Declan said: “It was a third party so there were no easyJet staff around when it was canceled and we didn’t see anyone representing easyJet at the airport again until 5.30am on morning after our canceled flight.The only time I met anyone from easyJet was on the plane to Liverpool.

“Liverpool or London were the only destinations they could change our flight to for two people together. EasyJet said it was not their responsibility to fly us back to Glasgow.”

No one from easyJet was there to help passengers on the canceled flight until around seven hours later (Image: Declan Lally)

After spending the night sleeping on the floor at the airport, the couple finally spoke to third-party EasyJet representatives around 5.30am the following morning – seven hours after their flight was cancelled. And Declan claims the reps simply showed them a phone number to call EasyJet.

Then, once they arrived in Liverpool, the couple had to take a taxi from Liverpool airport and a bus to Manchester airport as they said no trains were available until 10.30am. They eventually took a train from Manchester Airport to Preston, another train to Carlisle and a replacement bus to Glasgow as, again, no trains were available.

Then, from Glasgow, they took another train to Helensburgh. Declan said they had to pay for all their travel (taxis, buses, new flights and train tickets), hotel and food costs.

Declan went on to say, “EasyJet left everyone stranded at the airport unless you could afford a taxi – it was a 45 minute drive from the hotel. But the person who handed us the easyJet leaflet which told us what to do if our flight was canceled said someone would pick us up on a bus but no one ever picked us up.

“The only people who managed to get on a bus were people who had booked holiday packages. They were taken away but everyone else was left behind.

“If I had known easyJet wouldn’t have picked us up and instead left us in the dark like they did, I would have hopped in a taxi to a hotel, booked and then booked a flight with Ryanair But this guy working at the airport said “stay here and easyJet will send a bus for everyone and take us to a hotel and our flight will probably be back in the morning” so we did.

“When it became clear that easyJet wasn’t coming to help us, we just got a taxi to a nearby hotel who said they were full so we had to come back at 12 noon and check in. So we were in this airport from Thursday 6pm to Friday 9am We found a hotel for Friday night and then flew to Liverpool on Saturday night before being stranded in Liverpool again and having to find our own way back to Glasgow.

The leaflet Declan received after his flight was canceled (Image: Declan Lally)

Declan says that experience once again put him off booking with EasyJet, but he’s not done with them yet. “I unfortunately have five flights due with them,” Declan said. “I’m nervous that the same thing could happen again.

“Once these flights are over, I don’t think I will book with them until I know what compensation I will receive, because until now I have had to pay taxis to another hotel, pay this hotel and food and getting from Liverpool airport to Glasgow I think easyJet’s take is “we’ll book you on a different flight to anywhere in the UK for free” but then you have to pay your hotel and keep the receipts to try to get it back.

“We were out of money so I had to use my bank card and dip into my savings. The only reason we didn’t book another flight with, say, Ryanair is because there was nothing left because of the influx of football crowds.

“And because a member of staff on site said to stay at the airport and easyJet would come and help us soon, but they never came. I just feel lucky to have some savings to try and sort out other thing and we are both young boys but it happened to a couple with a baby and they couldn’t get baby food or anything.

“EasyJet has a lot of accounts to pay. They literally left us stranded with no way to get home for a few days. No one to help us. Shocking to think this is happening. I will try to contact easyJet for my refund and I hope the travel insurance has covered me.”

An easyJet spokesperson said: “We can confirm that this flight EZY6010 from Faro to Bristol has been canceled due to a technical issue on board the aircraft due to the operation of the flight.

“We have done everything we can to minimize disruption, helping customers transfer to alternative flights free of charge, with availability on the following easyJet flights departing Faro on the same day, and providing overnight hotel accommodation and meals to those in need. All customers who have found their own hotel accommodation will be reimbursed for this and all other reasonable expenses and anyone who no longer wishes to travel may receive a voucher or full refund.

“We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused by the cancellation. The safety and wellbeing of our guests and crew is our top priority.”

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