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English schoolchildren treated ‘like second-class citizens’ in Wales, parent claims | United Kingdom | News UK News

Children wishing to be educated in English must travel miles to other schools at their parents’ expense, although Welsh learners have access to a free shuttle bus.

These issues are the result of the Welsh government’s Cymraeg 2050 strategy, which aims to create one million Welsh nations in 28 years.

However, the negative impact of the plan prevented some children from going to the nearest school.

Parents whose children want to learn in English have had this option removed from the school curriculum and will have to travel further afield at extra cost to their families.

But for pupils learning Welsh but whose local school does not offer it, the council will pay their transport bill.

A parent, who wants their child to be educated in English, told MailOnline: ‘It’s treating our children like second class citizens.

“At best, it’s biased. At worst, the council uses children to force them to learn Welsh.

“We all live in Wales, we all love the Welsh language and if our children could learn as well using it, we wouldn’t have any problems.”

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It could cost parents up to £10 a day to drive their children to school as there is no suitable public transport in the village.

Ysgol Gynradd Llanidloes Primary School is the nearest and teaches mainly in English but offers Welsh language lessons which is the case in all schools in Wales.

The local county council said it did not believe the move was discriminatory during a consultation on changing language teaching.

The Welsh government hopes to see the number of Welsh-speaking people in the country rise to one million by 2050, as it insists it must save the Welsh language.

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