KATIE Price has been told she faces jail after pleading guilty to breaching a restraining order.

She appeared at Lewes Crown Court today – the second time this week she has faced criminal charges.

The former glamor model arrived in court shortly before 10 a.m. wearing a black fur coat, black leggings, a black t-shirt and white boots.

She was accompanied by her fiancé Carl Woods, 33, with more than 30 photographers taking pictures of the couple as they approached court.

Once inside the building, she was greeted by Nicholas Hamblin, her defense attorney.

The charge relates to an allegation that the 44-year-old former glamor model sent ex-husband Kieran Hayler a message on January 21 this year in which she called her new partner, Michelle Penticost, “a c ***ing w****” and a “gutter slag”.

Price, who was known professionally as Jordan, was banned from contacting Penticost either directly or indirectly in June 2019, under a five-year restraining order.

The court previously heard that her message to Hayler may have been triggered by an Instagram post from Penticost, which she said was aimed at Price.

Price’s post read, “Tell your c***ing w****, piece of s***, girlfriend not to start with me.”

Katie Price arrives at Lewes Crown Court, accompanied by Carl Woods

She had earlier pleaded not guilty to the offense when she appeared in Crawley Magistrates Court before District Judge Amanda Kelly and elected to be tried in Crown Court.

However, she changed her plea to His Honor Judge Stephen Mooney this morning after the charge was read to her as she stood on the dock in Court 1.

Several people – who described themselves as “supporters” of the reality TV star – had gathered in the public gallery to follow the proceedings.

Following his admission of guilt, Judge Mooney told him he was adjourning the case until June 24 to allow the probation service to prepare a pre-sentence report.

However, he gave her a warning.

“It’s good that you accepted responsibility,” he said, but quickly added that since the offense meant she was breaching a suspended sentence, she risked “jail.”

She received a suspended sentence after crashing her BMW on the B2135 near Partridge Green in September last year.

Mr Hamblin told the court this morning the case hinged on eight letters in the message, telling the judge that if it hadn’t been for those first two words to Hayler – ‘tell your’ – there would be no need to answer.

This is the second time Katie Price has faced charges in court this week.

Police also say that on September 13 last year – shortly before she crashed her BMW – she was clocked at over 60mph on the A24 near West Grinstead.

She is also accused of failing to give information to police when asked following a traffic violation.

The details of this offense were heard at Crawley Magistrates’ Court under the Single Court Process, a formal legal mechanism which does not require a defendant to attend the hearing in person.

This case was adjourned to July 5.

Following her admission of guilt at today’s plea and pre-trial hearing, she is due to be sentenced at Brighton Crown Court on June 24.

Miss Price and Mr Woods left Lewes Crown Court shortly after 11 a.m. … with the photographers gathered not far behind.

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