Bedford-based Samsons Academy Charity and Houghton Regis’ Meaningful Education Practice are leading the way with an innovative project called Band of Brothers – Men Heal.

The BBC is currently filming the documentary, We Are England, which will focus on suicide intervention and prevention and is following training given to local hairdressers, men’s groups and local businesses.

The Band of Brothers – Men Heal initiative is a two-day course that promotes intervention platforms and practices around self-harm and suicide.

The new BBC documentary is due to air later this year

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The idea behind the concept is that barbers can build trusting relationships and open communication with their clients and community members. Training can help barbers and others identify signs and symptoms of mental health issues, provide support, understanding, and indicate further help and support if needed.

The program also follows the Moliterno family who are currently participating in the training and raising awareness of the devastating effects of loss on families and suicide prevention.

Meaningful Education CIC has partnered with Samsons Academy for over six years and recently launched its new Coaching and Talking Therapy practice, providing professional support to practitioners through a range of talking therapies, mental health and education.

The BBC is due to finish filming in two weeks with the program due to air later this year.

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This notice was published: 2022-05-26 16:16:13


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