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Teenagers report police after seeing three men carry boy from Weston-super-Mare park Bath City News

Teenagers have reported to police after spotting a child being transported in a car from a park in Weston-super-Mare by three men. The youngsters raised the alarm after seeing the child being abducted by Jubilee Park in Colombo Crescent just before 6pm on Thursday May 26.

An 11-year-old girl called the police as other teenagers signaled nearby patrollers. The youths captured footage of the incident and handed it over to police.

Officers used the footage to locate the vehicle and spoke with the child, a teenager, who was safe and sound. Officers thanked the quick-thinking teenagers on the Weston-super-Mare and Worle Neighborhood Police Facebook page.

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The post read: ‘Police would like to thank the community of Weston-super-Mare for alerting them to an incident in Jubilee Park, Colombo Crescent, just before 6pm today, Thursday 26th May. An 11-year-old girl was among those who called 999 and a group of teenagers reported patrol officers after seeing a child being carried from the park to a car by three men.

“Through footage provided by the children, officers have recovered the vehicle and located and spoken with the child, a teenager, who is safe and sound. Concerns about how the boy was restrained by those believed to be take care of him will be raised with other agencies.

Acting Inspector Peter Scull said: ‘These children did exactly the right thing by reporting it to us immediately. Luckily, the boy is safe and sound and it wasn’t as concerning an incident as it first seemed.

“However, we will make further inquiries to ensure his well-being in the future.”

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