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Royal expert denounces ban on Jubilee Bunting imposed by some British councils | United Kingdom | New UK News

Mr Myers was speaking to journalist Ranvir Singh about Portsmouth and Bournemouth Council’s decision to impose the bunting ban.

He described the councils imposing the bans as ‘killjoy council chiefs’ as he claimed it was a time to get together and party.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations are due to kick off this week, and many Britons are taking advantage of Her Majesty’s celebrations by attending local street parties with neighbours, close friends and family.

Mr Myers explained that the Jubilee was something everyone could get involved in and expected to see storefronts dressed in displays.

Ms Singh said: “Now there’s a bit of concern, isn’t there, some of them might be at risk?”

Mr Myers responded on the Lorraine programme: “Well that’s extraordinary, over the weekend we heard that some of the Jubilee parties were potentially under threat from some pooper council leaders.

“I was reading this weekend that Portsmouth Council had banned bunting, can you believe it?

“I mean, it’s something we want people to get involved in, dress up storefronts, you know street parties and so on.”

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Mr Myers added: “But they say some of the buntings are too heavy, can you believe.

“It sounds absolutely ridiculous, and then some businesses in Sheerness-on-Sea were telling people to shoot the bunting.

“Because it was flapping in the wind, I mean, have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous in your life?

“I think people should get together, get together in the party spirit and have a little fun with it.”

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Many families and communities have been planning festive street parties over the past few months, in preparation for the big British event.

Albie Somerset, a resident who is planning a street party there, said: “It’s ridiculous and a crazy decision by the council.

“We filled out all the forms and jumped through all the hoops to get the road closed.

“Now we have a letter saying not to put bunting on telegraph poles.

“Aren’t they stable enough to hold light flags?

Portsmouth Council was not the only local authority to warn the public about Jubilee decorations.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council has banned the use of buntings hanging from lamp posts in the streets.

The council told party organizers: ‘Columns of lamps must not have any items attached as they are not designed for this purpose.

He added: “The safety of our audience during the celebration is of paramount importance.”

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