The charts that prove Jack Monroe got the fastest rise in cheap food prices wrong Business

The ONS reviewed the figures after Ms Monroe raised concerns that poorer families were disproportionately feeling the pinch from faster increases in prices of valuable items.

His experimental data revealed that the prices of pasta, ground beef and bread jumped, but the cost of budget potatoes, cheese, pizza and fries fell.

Economy brand pasta was up 50% in the year to April and crisps were up 17%.

However, overall, the rate of inflation on low-priced items was broadly in line with the average product line, contrary to Ms. Monroe’s complaints.

Nonetheless, Ms Monroe claimed victory on Twitter, saying the numbers proved it is “much more expensive to be poor”.

She said: “I am very grateful to have been part of this process and hope that in the future, MPs who set the figures for increased benefits, as well as discussions around a living wage real, will take this disparity into account.”

Others questioned Ms Monroe’s interpretation of the new ONS figures. Robert Colvile, head of the Center for Policy Studies, said: “It may well be that the prices of more expensive pasta or bread, for example, have not risen as much, but that’s not in this data.”

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