Hove MP calls on government to do more to sort out airport chaos Brighton News

PETER Kyle has called on the government to take further action to help ease travel chaos at airports across the country.

Holidaymakers faced more chaos yesterday ahead of the bank holiday weekend, with passengers forced to wait in long queues at airports while others had their flights cancelled.

Easyjet has canceled at least 31 flights from Gatwick Airport, including to destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Prague and Edinburgh.

An airline passenger said he had to wait more than two hours to receive his luggage after landing at Gatwick shortly after 3am.

The aviation industry is suffering from a staff shortage after laying off thousands of people during the pandemic, with airlines and airports now struggling to recruit new workers and get their security checks processed.

Gatwick Airport was the most affected by the disruption, with 151 flights canceled over the past week.

The Argus: Huge queues have been spotted at airports, including Gatwick, as airports and airlines grapple with staff shortagesHuge queues have been spotted at airports, including Gatwick, as airports and airlines grapple with staff shortages

In a letter to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, Mr Kyle, MP for Hove and shadow secretary for Northern Ireland, said airports like Gatwick had suffered a shortage of security guards due to security regulations deployment and training.

While he welcomed some changes the government has made so far, such as postponing refresher training for existing security officers, he said more could be done “to help the aviation industry ensuring a milder summer for passengers”.

Mr. Kyle called on the government to ensure Border Force personnel are adequately resourced to meet wait time targets, to secure additional resources at passport offices and to carry out security and clearance checks. verification for aviation personnel.

Mr Shapps claimed travel companies had ‘severely oversold flights and holidays relative to their ability to deliver’.

He said: “I understand the resource constraints on the aviation industry, but that doesn’t excuse poor planning and overbooking of flights they can’t service.

“Companies that have experienced the most disruption need to learn from those that have run services smoothly.

“We will continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure that consumers will not lose out in the event of further disruption.”

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