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A man denounces the neighbors “entitled” who demand to use his swimming pool | United Kingdom | New UK News

In a post on Reddit, the man explained that he and his wife had recently moved into the property, which already had a pool in place when they moved in. However, just months after moving to their new neighborhood, people living in homes around them began asking if they could come and use their pool – as they claimed the previous owners still let them swim when they wanted it.

Even though the man and his wife have said they are ‘private people’ who don’t want people wandering around their garden when they feel like it, their neighbors won’t take no for an answer, reports the Mirror.

In his post, he said: “My wife and I bought a house in February with a swimming pool. It’s a single family house and we stay alone. We have friends from time to time and we like to have people over for meals. , drinking, and of course pool parties now weather permitting.

“We fit into the neighborhood, or so we thought until neighbors in three surrounding homes got into a weird conversation with us about their expectations for pool access for the weekend parties. and vacation.

“Apparently the owners before us had kids who were friends with the neighborhood kids. The neighborhood kids and adults used the pool whenever they wanted. The door was always open and they even had their inflatables nearby and s were arranged to split payment for pool maintenance.

“We told them that we were quite private people and that we value our privacy and that we couldn’t see ourselves letting the neighbors have access to our garden whenever they wanted. Whenever one of us walks outside he asks again and again and tries to sell the idea of ​​having access to it.They offer money and offer to share maintenance costs etc.

The man was recently ‘cornered again’ as he attempted to tend to his garden, and had to put his foot firmly down and demand his neighbors stop talking about the pool.

But the message still doesn’t seem to have gotten through to his neighbours, as he recently had some friends over and a neighbor said sarcastically that “it must be nice” that they were allowed to use the pool.

He added: “I was trying to enjoy the gardening and got stuck once again. I just told them very firmly that they really had to stop talking about the pool every time they saw us, got up and left.

“We politely decline over and over again, and we’re really sick of the harassment and the pool and their access to it being the only thing they want to connect with us about. It’s not like we had created a link or whatever, all the conversations are about the pool.

“We had a party last night and as I was showing my friend the front yard, my neighbor appeared and talked about how nice it must be to be invited to enjoy the pool. Am I wrong not to don’t want the neighbors to have access to my property and seriously lose patience with their expectations?

Commenters on the Reddit post were also baffled by the persistent actions of neighbours, with some suggesting the man get a lock on his door and a ‘no trespassing’ sign, and others pointing out the dangers of letting strangers in on his property.

One person said: “These are permitted persistent neighbours. Also a responsibility to have an open door for everyone access. What if a child wanders off and drowns? It’ll be on you. Hold on, I’ll do the same. Good luck!”

While another added: “You need to consider a lock on the door if there isn’t already one and cameras by the door and the pool just in case. Maybe even a nice wall panel. ‘no trespassing on the door. If they think you’re out of town, they might swim in and that’s a huge handicap.’

And a third wrote: “These are adults. They can buy their own pool if they want one.”

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