‘The Greens are not consulting the people of Brighton’ Brighton News

ONE of the authors of your letter pointed out that the Lloyds Bank branch in Preston Road (near Preston Circus) was one of those recently closed (Argus Letters, June 14).

This branch provided useful service to thousands of local residents and many businesses in the area.

Where were the councilors of the “Green” Party who claimed to have represented the region for 25 years and the local deputy, also “Green”? Answer: Nowhere in sight!

The co-op asked for a branch of their supermarket to be opened in London Road and where were the ‘green’ advisers then? After approving a planning application which resulted in the closure of the Co-op (and Boots) supermarket in London Road, the council subsequently failed to help those stores find alternative premises in the area.

In fact, Green councilors opposed the planning request for a co-operative supermarket in London Road, which could have been used as an ‘anchor point’ to help revive the area, based on the licenses, even if they are generally well managed.

Could it be for narrow “political” reasons? Then there was the demolition of the Wood Store recycling premises, in collaboration with Master Tiles and neighboring Harvest Foods (which helped local residents with deliveries during the pandemic) without offering them suitable alternative premises. This was done to build a large private tower, without thinking of local residents or helping to find suitable premises for these small/medium businesses.

Be wary of future developments in the London Road and Preston Circus area, as the Greens seem to know little about the context and often fail to consult people properly.

Rob Heal

Chatham Square


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This notice was published: 2022-06-16 05:23:00

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