Saunders’ specs include a key difference from the SF90 Stradale that underwent our road test: the absence of the Assetto Fiorano package, which turns the SF90 into a more hardcore machine with a whole host of performance and upgrades lightweight, in particular the fixed Multimatic. Race shocks optimized for track use.

On the standard suspension setup, the SF90 Spider makes a surprisingly good impression of a high-end grand tourer. It is surprisingly comfortable and refined, an excellent companion over long distances. When you hear “1000 hp” you expect intimidation and a wild ride, but that’s really not the case. The sophistication of the powertrain extends to the chassis. It’s just as well that it doesn’t get spooked or thrown around by bumps in the road, because your first, second, ninth, and last impressions are how fast the car is and how fast the road ahead appears.

A new volume of thesaurus is needed to attempt to describe its looks and responses in nearly every gear, drive mode and speed. Let’s dwell on this: a few years ago, I drove a drag race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and memories of it came flooding back every time my right foot was planted down in the SF90 Spider. This was also true for the SF90 Stradale, of course, the main difference here in the SF90 Spider being the ability to lower the roof and enjoy the roar of the spaceship’s electrical power at lower speeds – or (much higher probably given the limited electricity – only range and, let’s face it, the three electric motors and the battery’s main purpose being just to add thrust) the bark of the V8 engine. The car being topless certainly adds even more drama to an already epic experience.

There’s plenty more to the SF90 Stradale: the blazingly quick steering and sharpest cornering when the torque-vectoring front axle does its job, the huge levels of traction and the speedometer’s ability to spin you around. double take at your cornering speeds. , such is the stability and ease with which you can carry gears with confidence through the turns.

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This notice was published: 2022-06-16 23:01:23